East Vancouver Homes For Sale: Protect Your Investment from Radon

Radon can’t be seen, smelled, or tasted, yet it can appear from anywhere, and it can make you sick. A Health Canada survey that studied radon concentrations across Canada discovered that 6.9 percent of Canadian homes have radon levels that exceed current radon guidelines. Thus, if you intend to buy or sell homes for sale in East Vancouver, you should having a radon test performed to determine if the home has high radon levels before you close the transaction.

What is radon?

A Homeowner Installs a Radon Mitigation System outside His PropertyRadon is a naturally occurring gas that comes from the ground. The gas has radioactive properties, and has the potential to cause cancer. Exposure to high radon levels can lead to lung cancer, according to many health experts.

Many homes come in contact with the ground, and because of this, radon has the potential to accumulate inside the property and pose a health risk to home occupants. The best way to find out if a property has high radon levels is to have it tested. Health Canada says that radon levels in residential and public buildings shouldn’t reach 200 Bq/m3. A reading that exceeds this number indicates that you should reduce radon levels in the property.

How to reduce high radon levels in homes

Radon reduction systems are very easy to install. The most common of these methods involves installing a vent pipe that lets radon dissipate to the air outside. This prevents the radioactive gas from accumulating underneath and finding its way into the house.

The type of radon reduction system that must be installed on a property will depend on how it’s constructed. Some reduction systems call for the installation of a fan. This is especially true for properties with concrete flooring that covers a very large area. For soil crawlspaces, covering the floor area with a well-sealed polyethylene membrane and allowing radon to escape through a PVC exhaust pipe can be an efficient and cost-effective radon-reducing method.

A top-producing real estate agent of East Vancouver homes for sale will understand your concern about radon and how it can affect your investment and personal health. Work with one to ensure that your property has the correct radon reduction systems in place before you buy or sell it.


Radon in buildings is a major health concern,

Radon gas levels high across Canada,